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ASX Releases - 2012

Date Title
 28/12/12 Becoming a Substantial Holder
24/12/12 Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder from SFW
28/11/12 Results of Annual General Meeting
28/11/12 Annual General Meeting Presentation
20/11/12 Unlisted Options Expire
16/11/12 Change of Director's Interest Notice
31/10/12 Quarterly Cashflow Report
31/10/12 Quarterly Activities Report
26/10/12 Annual Report to Shareholders
26/10/12 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
28/9/12 Full Year Statutory Accounts
 25/9/12 Change in Substantial Holding
17/9/12 Change in Substantial Holding
29/8/12 Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation
31/7/12 Quarterly Cashflow Report
31/7/12 Quarterly Activities Report
27/7/12 Unlisted Options Expire
13/6/12 Mining Study Update - Yukon Base Metal Project
1/6/12 Change in Substantial Holding
30/4/12 Quarterly Cashflow Report
30/4/12 Quarterly Activities Report
26/4/12 Change in Substantial Holding
20/3/12 Withdrawal from Anyox Copper Project
16/3/12 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
12/3/12 60% Increase in Resources at the Darcy Zinc Project
6/3/12 Change in Substantial Holding from SFW
1/3/12 Drill Core from Yukon Base Metal Project on Display at PDAC
29/2/12 Director Resignation
24/2/12 Change in Substantial Holding from MQG_Amendment
22/2/12 Change in Substantial Holding from MQG
6/2/12 Change in Substantial Holding
31/1/12 Quarterly Cashflow Report
31/1/12 Quarterly Activities Report
3/1/12 Unlisted Options Expire
3/1/12 Extension to Due Diligence Period for Anyox Copper Project